You may or may not know this but the Landowner of the rtv site at Bransgore donates his land fees to charity.

We have made £345 which will go towards his chosen good cause, Leukemia Busters.

A big thank you & well done to all those that came to trial & a huge thank you to Richard Frampton the landowner.

As an added note… we had 23 drivers taking part! Despite other clubs reporting dwindling numbers, our last 3 or 4 have been getting busier. Lets hope it continues & we keep doing something right. Feedback is always welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Bransgore”

  1. This is probably the first of many.

    Many thanks for those that helped set up some challenging, boggy, but enjoyable courses. I even started to get the hang of the new tyres near the end! Tony need not worry yet! Happy days.

  2. Nope, I was wrong.

    Nobody else thought it was worth thanking the guys that set up on Saturday for the rest of us to enjoy. Nuff said!

  3. Here I am to add my thanks too. It was good to get back to the old site even if I did re-arrange Bertie’s sillohette again!!! It’s great that we’ve got a team that devote the majority of their weekend setting up, signing on and marshalling these events where would we be without them – trial-less I guess!!!! They’re always keen to have new people tag along, especially if you’re a regular trialler, it gives you a great opportunity to see the course before the competition!! Thank you guys for your hard work and time.

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