Been driving on the beach, please read!!!

I had a rather frantic call from Tarina yesterday evening, Tom’s p38 had suffered total brake failure near my place, and could I help, I said yes of course.

When they crept into my driveway we topped up the fluid and pressed the pedal, one of the rear calipers was peeing fluid everywhere….one of the pads had totally disappeared…. I suspect due to sand literally grinding it away…..

So, if you were on the beach, PLEASE check all your brake pads!!!!!!

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One thought on “Been driving on the beach, please read!!!”

  1. I once lost a rear pad on Baby. It had worn down to the metal & was thin enough to slip through the caliper. The piston was then on the disc but didn’t leak!
    I think p38 calipers are the same design as d2, totally different to early stuff.
    Sand eh!!?!!

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