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Could someone help my analyse this  :

” B.7.      WHEELS.

B.7.1 Any brand / make of steel wheels are allowed but they must be of adequate strength, have a diameter matching that of factory fitted wheels for that model and have an offset between the outer flat of the nave plate and the external face of the bead area (not the outermost turned-out flange of the rim) of 4” / 102mm or less. Also any Land Rover produced / manufactured aluminium alloy wheels and matching wheel nuts may be used when suitable hubs for that wheel are fitted. (Implemented 1st January 2011)
B.7.2.   The use of wheel spacers is prohibited.
 (Regardless of rules P.56.6 and J.5.8.2 in the MSA Yearbook 2012)


This was taken directly from the ALRC.  The highlighted above is the problem I’ve got. My Solution change wheels.  Zero offsets is what i have been guided to look for . Near enough impossible to find , without huge costs.  I would like to know if i can put ZU wheels on ??

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  1. 4×4
    01789 774884
    These people do zero off set rims for land rover £35.00 per wheel various styles and colors

  2. Hi Adam, it also says”any Land Rover produced alloy wheels”, are Zu made by Lr?
    Ron is running zero offset steel wheels…

  3. Hmmm, didn’t even register that Adams existing wheels also weren’t genuine, and no, zu are also not made by land rover, so a double fail, it seems you can’t even remove your existing spacers and run without them, sorry……..

  4. I didn’t even know they weren’t genuine. I shall look at some steallies from 4×4 tyres. Thank you to all

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