2017 tyros

Would any of our members want more tyros this year? I am aware that we have potentially 3 junior members wanting to advance into rtv’s so do we provide the events to speed up the process? 

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  1. I would welcome the opportunity to take part in more trials that allow the use of a standard road going vehicle. Sections that do not require aggressive tyres and without the potential to cause damage.

    How about a ‘Workshop’ type day as an introduction to driving in a trial. Help and advice could be given by the experts on how best to tackle a section, which line to take, which gear to use, how the scoring is done etc.

  2. Sounds like a great idea Keith. I did one a few years ago at Mannington that covered things like how to read the terrain & why a vehicle gets stuck & how to avoid it. There were only a few that took it up but they all learnt something.

  3. That sounds a good idea, I would be interested in taking part.

  4. Id be happy to instruct as last time….
    Maybe set up day for an rtv?… so we have land access??

  5. Ron & Rog have kindly offered to organise such an event, so let’s start a list for the chance to Try Your Rover Out!

    So come on then all those club members with Land Rovers who would like the chance to have a bit of fun with their road going vehicle without the risk of damage, put your name down!

  6. Put me on the list please, any date ideas? Many thanks.

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