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Feb 212015

At Mannington the 200tdi conversion in my Series began to blow out quite a lot of black smoke, I’m assuming un-burnt diesel, and on driving it today it is mis-firing at anything other than idle. Any ideas on the fault would be appreciated.


Sep 212014

After the air suspension issues and just when you’re lulled into that false sense of security by thinking things are going to be ok for a while I’m now having issues with the injector pump on my diesel P38 as it appears to have sprung a leak….
I have an idea in my mind what to do about it but would like to ask your opinions if anyone has had experience of this? So is it possible to fit ‘most’ of  a seal kit to the pump whilst in situ on the engine or am I better off sourcing a refurbished pump and fitting new timing chain and gears?
And what kind of cost am I looking at, as if it is going to cost in excess of £1500 to repair then it will be uneconomical and I just as well scrap the blimmin thing and buy something reliably Japanese….! :/

Proposed Diesel Car Penalties – E-petition

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Sep 072014

We received the following, forwarded to us by the ALRC and maybe of interest!

“I have started a petition, , the wording of which is self explanatory, regarding the proposals to restrict and tax diesel cars by 2020. I hope that you can give this some publicity in your club forum &/or magazines, as many of your members will be affected. We need 100,000 signatures by next March to trigger a Parliamentary debate, so any help you can offer will be very much appreciated.

Please be aware that the prime targets are London and pre 2006 diesels, but it is clear that all pre 2006 vehicles, both petrol and diesel, will be affected, and other towns and cities are champing at the bit to make a few extra bob.

The point of the petition is not to argue the virtues of either petrol or diesel, but to highlight the unfairness of this sort of retrospective indirect taxation, which has an adverse affect on the less well off. It is also a pointless exercise, as most 2006 vehicles will be 14 years old by 2020 and will have been scrapped; according to Honest John at the Telegraph, the average life of a new small car is now 7 years, by which time the residual value is so low that repairs become unviable.

A lot of motorists feel they are often ripped off by Government and that they are not represented by a single body that can lobby on their behalf, unlike Historic vehicle owners who have the very successful FBHVC. Until such time as we have proper support, I am afraid it is up to us and this is my meagre effort.

Colin Gray, Rover 75 CDTi owner”.

A Rusty Reminder

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Sep 052014

Popped round to a mates garage today and was shown what appeared on the outside to be a very tidy 2004 Td5 Discovery with less than 100k miles which had never, ever been off road……sadly underneath this was not the case – the off-side rear chassis leg was severely corroded all around the air bag/shock mounts and pretty much beyond economical repair.

A replacement chassis or scrapping awaits this vehicle and it’s a stark reminder to lovers of the green oval badge to keep up the Waxoyl applications!



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Sep 042014

Afternoon All

Question for my Landy loving friends

Now whilst I know a bit about tyres, I don.t know about towing horses

Problem is current tyre size 235/85R16 = chewed up grass when pulling a heavily loaded twin wheel horse box across a wet field using a couple of year old SWB Defender. Would a 265/75r16 help? Also, would it grip with a 80% Road 20% off road tyre and leave less mess? Also is it driver error? They used to have a newish (then) D2 with road tyres on and it did the job leaving no trail. I understand they are completely different animals so does the driving style need adjusting?


Any suggestions


Rich series 2A