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Sep 162017

Reference night laning I can do Friday either the 22nd or 29th of September or both if there is sufficient demand will only be a few hours so start around 1900 and finish around 2230 aiming for around central Dorset area so nothing to taxing.

Requirements are a current DLRC membership, suitable vehicle, full set of working lights, suitable clothing as it will be that bit cooler in the evenings. Usual Greenlane warnings about possibility for scratches etc.

So if anyone is interested I could lead a group of 4 vehicles or if there is sufficient demand and willing volunteers there could be 2 groups.

Comment below if you’re interested

Jul 062017

ROWO’s Green Road Restoration Day – Sunday 30th July 2017


The local lanes are waterlogged and we do not want to cause any unnecessary damage.

Sorry about this but it’s beyond my control.

Graham G Matthews -ROWO, DLRC





Dec 192016

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of year again when we head out on new years day to shake out the cobwebs of Xmas and see in the new year in true landrover style……….travelling a few green roads!

If you want to come out in the north Dorset area on the 1st of January, 2017, then put your name down, I will then send details out by email to you all!

Have a great Xmas and I hope to see you as soon as possible in the new year!


Dec 042016

Good evening all,

As you have probably seen in the calendar there will be a green roading trip on the 1st of Jan.

To plan for this, I will be off on a recce on sunday the 18th of Dec to “learn some more green roads” to assess the ground and to make sure the green roads are passable.

To that end, if you woul like to come along, please log in and post a reply stating your interest.

The details of the trip will then be emailed to you all as a group.  Bearing in mind that there will be the need to have another “group leader” if numbers exceed 4 vehicles!!

Look forward to hearing from you all!



Nov 192016

Firstly my huge thanks to all those who came out today to not only make the recce a success, but to add so much in the way of advice, ideas and feedback for future events.

At the start I asked if you could try to take as many pics as possible, personally, I would like to see them for my interest, but Rog Pardy, the club secretary needs them ASAP, to that end can anyone who took pics, try their hardest to get these pics to Rog via his club email ASAP!

Looking forward to next week already!!