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Chairman’s Waffle Sept 2008

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Oct 072008

Chairman’s Waffle


Well everyone, it’s AGM time again. Time to bring up any issues or questions & to vote on your committee. This year Jane our treasurer is standing down so we’ll need a replacement or you’ll find we have no club. You don’t need to be a qualified accountant, just be fairly good with figures. We can’t exist without one so if you think you’d like a go then let us know asap.

I was very close to resigning this year also, I’ve been so peeved with the lack of interest from our members I just felt like giving up! The only thing keeping me here at the moment is not wanting to let Nige & Bob down. I’m determined to find out what you want from your club because it must be different to what we’re doing because we never see half of you! Remember, it’s you the members that make this club what it is.

The birthday bash was poorly attended but those that did come had a great time. The party cost the club a lot of money to put on for you & the £12 fee didn’t cover all the costs. The organising & running around kept us busy too. I started at 3:30 Friday afternoon, meeting the toilet man on site, then I rushed to meet Phil at the hire shop to pick up the geni & lights, then drop them of on site before rushing to pick up the marquee with Phil & Nige & taking that back to site. We spent about a couple of hours or so putting that up before I had to rush home again to pick up Caz & a borrowed camper & returning to site & finally sitting down & lighting the bbq around 10pm! Knackered!

Saturday was a bit rushed too with organising & picking things up, but the night was great, lots of scrumpy, lovely hog roast & a disco (even though nobody was dancing).

Sunday morning I left Nige & some helpers finish of the sections while I did the signing on. When that was done I could return to camp for some breakies, a bit of packing & take the camper home before returning & taking the marquee down. We managed to load the geni & the marquee into & on 4 vehicles to return that Sunday evening. I was pleased to get back to work Monday for a rest!

The treasure hunt seemed to go down well on the Party Saturday. Do you want another??

This weekend is my BIG comp in baby (de’cider trophy). I didn’t get half the modifications done that I’d hope to but she certainly looks a bit different now & I’m praying that I haven’t overlooked anything vital. I’ve got 2 days tinkering time now to get any last minute bits done before 2 days & 1 night of hard slog (for Paul! I’ll be in the comfy seat ha ha!).

Poor Caz has hardly seen me these last couple of months, as soon as I’ve been getting in I go strait out to work on baby & that includes most weekends too. I hope it will all be worth it, of course now I’ll have more spare time I could get rusty finished!

Our last committee meeting raised a few ideas & issues. We feel the club could do with a PR officer, someone to raise the profile of the club & to deal with getting the club known & into the magazines. This should help gain members (although active members would be even better) as well as the new website, this is up & running but needs content. If you have any, please do let us have it. Anyway, I digress.

It was also felt that some new members might need a bit of nurturing to make them feel welcome & to get them involved. Caz did a bit of this at the party weekend, collecting phone no.s from the girls so that they could get together at club nights & events to exchange gossip & tips on cooking & fluffy things! I guess??? What do they find to talk about?

The membership renewal form will now contain a questionnaire (tick boxes) to find out what you want from your club, it can’t just be a 10% insurance discount can it?!

It was felt that we could do a bit more green laning as a club, this will be looked into but we have some ideal candidates I think. (it’s no good hiding John!)

We’ve been keeping costs to you down for a long time now but with our costs increasing the trials now make us about 50p per driver! I know it’s hitting us all with fuel prices the way they are but a small increase may be needed to keep the club afloat.

The treasurer’s report was a bit dire & raised a few points too, but I’ll leave this one now for the AGM.

Anyway….. It’s not all doom & gloom. We’re committed to make this the best god dam Land Rover club in Dorset.

Andy (A L Services) lent us a 109 for a single vehicle trial at the party, what fun! I remembered how hard they were to drive, crap steering lock, crap brakes, crap articulation, oohhh joy! However anybody used to trial these is beyond me, I nearly put it on it’s roof just setting out a section with it! & that was in a relatively flat field! Very entertaining.

Andy also made us a trailer to do a bit of trailer driving with & also gave us a big box of prizes to dish out. Top man. Thanks too to Graham for delivering said vehicle.

I’ve probably missed some very important stuff but that’s all for now. Get out & use the club, you might enjoy yourself.

I’ll see you & the AGM if I survive this weekend.


Chairman’s Waffle July 2008

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Aug 252008

Hello again, hope you’re all having a great summer!!!
We had a little break in Devon & it rained all week, not to mention the wind. I always find September better for some sunshine, perfik for the club birthday party.

This is the first year in many that I haven’t been to the Langport steam rally. Shame really but I just had far too much to do at home. I hope those that went had a cider or 2 for me! You were certainly lucky with the weather.

Unlike the weekend at the Canford Arena show. Again, I wasn’t there but heard that attendance was well down because of the horrible weather. A real shame for everyone that put so much effort into it, but at least we attracted a few new members & I think we enjoyed ourselves despite some tyre damage.

The new website is under construction! Yippee!!! It’s going to be a cracker so keep your eyes peeled for an email to let you know when it’s up & running. There will be a log in for members to allow you to view non public parts of the site & we’ll send you details when we know exactly how it will work, again by email, so if you don’t have an email address registered with Bob then I suggest you let him have it asap.
We’ll have a huge gallery with pics from past events & links to any youtube video’s, & using you’re log in you’ll be able to submit your own pics.
There will also be a calendar, past events, trials site maps, the championship table & loads more.

The other little thing we’ve been doing is the club birthday party, did I mention that?! We want as many of you to this as possible & have put a lot of thought into what we wanted, so we think there should be something for everyone. We’ve also tried really hard to keep costs down as much as poss & the club will be stumping up for quite a bit, so please come & join in. I promise it’ll be a great weekend.

The LRW show at Eastnor Castle was good & the weather was nice too. I spent too much but picked up some real bargains & bits I really needed (like a new unbend able steering bar!). I also came away with some very valuable info & tips for ‘baby’, unfortunately most require parting with more £££, there were some very clever people at the show & was glad I took the time to talk to some of them.
I was of course on the CSW stand & we were invited to (ok, we crashed!) the Devon 4X4 hospitality tent on Saturday evening to partake some of their famous home made cider (err, paint stripper!!). I must say, Simon & Liz are fantastic hosts, if you don’t mind a bit of  pi## taking.

More on the fuel saga… I found some cooking oil in makro’s that works out about 86p/l. Not bad but a little dickey bird told me that somebody nearby has installed a bio diesel plant?
Baby will start ok on the oil but smokes like a pig till warm. I doubt she’ll start on it in the winter though?!

See you at the Party, I’ll be the one running around like a headless chicken! Or I could be drunk?


Chairman’s Waffle May 2008

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Aug 252008

I have been absolutely manic these last 2 months! Work is still busy but a little less ‘pushed’ now & all of the work to prepare Baby finished (well, when I say finished…) & we’re all moved into our new home. The house warming party over (what do you mean ‘not invited!’) & the hangover gone. It’s so nice to sit down in the evening & be able to write something for the newsletter. Uuuummm…..

Oh yeah, I remember. The Club Birthday, woohoo! We’ve sorted the venue & date & have a list of events to please everyone. Bob’s going to get summit together in the way of an advert I think. It’s going to be great.

I had a bit of a shock tonight, whilst browsing the D4x4 forum I came across Paul’s truck for sale! Dunno what that’s all about yet, I’ll have to call him I think.

We had a great time on the last challenge. Unfortunately the 2 dayer was postponed so we had just a single day but we camped & had some night stages.

I was dying to test my new beadlocks so we aired down to 4psi, only to be told 2 of the stages were ‘comp safari’ stylie! Aaaghhh. I think the only thing holding us on the corners were the beadlock rings digging in. Fantastic fun but maybe next time I’ll check. BUT, they stayed on the rims so I guess they work!

We pushed Baby really hard & managed to get all 40 punches but were beaten into second place on the stages because I got a 6th on one when I got hung up on a stump & bent my ‘unbend able’ track rod.

It’s so nice having my Landy at home with me, I can’t remember the last time I did? Sheila has been looking after her for so long now I bet her drive looks empty now. I bet when she offered to have her there she wasn’t planning on it being that long, she has been very good to me. I’m not used to having this much space thought, we had 12 cars on my lawn at our house warming. I’ve got a workshop & everything, though I can’t get baby in it (although I have got my eye on a shed in the farm next door!)

Bob’s plans with the outdoor show are going ahead. Hopefully the course that was designed is starting to take shape. I think we are a few short on vehicles really & could do with a few more before he offers it out to other clubs. If you fancy taking people for off road rides in return for free entry to the show + food+ fuel then get in touch. This should be a high profile event for the club.

Isn’t getting old great!? I think my memory is getting worse. One good thing though…. When I came to re insure Baby last month I had a very pleasant surprise, £165 fully comp with (most of) my modifications listed. That’s with the NFU.

I’m off to Eastnor Castle next weekend for the LRW Show. I’ve never been before & was offered free tickets. CSW have got a club stand & Baby will be on show for everyone to admire! Not looking forward to the drive up mind, think I might take some ear defenders. Should be a good weekend though (if this rain ever stops!) maybe I’ll see you there?

Bio fuel is looking ever more tempting! With fuel prices rising 1p a week at the moment, maybe now is the time to find a source of used cooking oil & start stockpiling? I know Baby’s tdi runs quite happily on cooking oil but haven’t tried my vans hdi engine. I think the answer is 2 fuel tanks & start & stop the engine on diesel & run once warm on bio diesel? I’m not sure but think I’ll do some searching on the web. I see though that the supermarkets have cottoned on to people using new cooking oil & have increased a litre of oil from 25p to nearly £1! Not fair. Still, that’s nearly 30p a litre cheaper than diesel.

Talking of the World Wide Web… Me & Paul are on ‘Youtube’. I have no idea who posted them but someone has put some vids of last years Mike Wolf Challenge up.

Finally, a big thanks to Andy for the unenviable task of welding my beadlocks on for me, just one more!

See you soon.