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Oct 272016


Corfe end of Ridgeway.
Haven’t had any preferences on dates so I’m intending to go and have a hack around on Sunday 6 Nov. Suggesting meet on site at about 10:30, work for a couple of hours, have lunch and hopefully finish off pm. Mostly recent growth so shouldn’t be too arduous even though there is a fair length to clear. Enter Ridgeway at SY 952 821 and about 1/4 mile on at the end of the open part you will see the target area even if you are the first there! Please let me know if you can make it, Thanks, Graham Glover

Oct 262016

Hi everyone

Can I please request that those of you wishing to attend the evening have paid and returned their booking form to me by 18th November at the latest to ensure I can give Mark the final number s in good time.

Many thanks

Jayne Simmons

Oct 252016

I would like to start by introducing myself to those I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I am Steve Pascoe, the new Green Roading Officer.  My apologies for not being able to help out at the Halloween night!  I was looking forward to it but family commitments take me to Scotland!

There will be a green roading trip on Sunday the 27th of November.  The exact route of the West Dorset Womble is yet to be determined, however, it will be around the west of Dorset, starting from near Bridport, circling clockwise around to come back down towards Dorchester in between the A37 and the A352.

As I am a “newbie” to the green roads of Dorset, I will be carrying out pre-trip checks on our excursions.  This for a number of reasons, firstly to ensure that the route is clear and not overgrown, secondly to ensure that the green roads we wish to drive, are suitable for the seasonal conditions and thirdly, as an opportunity for others in the club who would like to come forward in the future as group leaders, to learn about the “planning” and “leading” process.  The pre-route check will, in no way, put pressure on any individuals to be a leader, as I believe this will only push people away from a great day out.

The pre-route check for the West Dorset Womble will be on the Saturday, the 19th of November.  Please add your name in the comments below if you wish to come on the check, and get to know about leading.

I am not going to limit numbers on our outings, however, the green roading trips depend on group leaders, to that end we will need to adhere to the ratio of 1 leader in 5 vehicles.  The trip will be on a first come, first serve basis, with volunteers stepping forward on the day as leaders.

Once again, please leave your name in the comments below.

If anyone has any comments, opinions or questions about this trip, or the process then please use the box below, my only request would be to please be gentle with me!!

4 Wheels complete with Nuts + axle stands for sale

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Oct 232016

I have a set of 4 (16x 7) wheels fitted with Cooper Discover STT tyres LT235/85R16. Added are a pair of axle stands to make things safer when changing wheels or working under your truck.

The wheels have been on my Defender .

£250 the lot – buyer collects.

contact if you have any queries

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Club Merchandise – orders being taken

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Oct 222016

Get your DLRC Christmas pressies here, ordering this week so let me know asap please.

Polo shirt with logo, flag & website £20.00
Summer-weight fleece with logo, flag and website £29.50
Hoodie with zip with logo, flag & website £28.00
Hoodie (no zip) with logo, flag & website £26.00

Payment required before order.

Cheers, Caz