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Apr 032016

A while ago I posted about the possibility of a guided trip for club members to explore some lanes on Exmoor.

These lanes are not legally accessible to us to explore for free as a club so we would have to explore them with Jim Hancocks ‘Lanes, Tracks and Trails’ excellent guided tour enterprise.

This will of course entail a cost and I wonder if this might have been what curtailed an initial positive response, as only one club member has since enquired about this.

Is anybody genuinely interested in taking part and if so please could you let me know.

I believe that GLASS members get a discount, I’m not sure if club affiliation to GLASS gives discount or not.

We need to get cracking on this or it isn’t going to happen….



Oooops – a typo!

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Apr 022016

Oooops – a typo crept into the club magazine regarding club night (Dougal thought it was an April Fool…) – the post code for The Chequers should have read BH16 6BJ. I hope that there still aren’t members driving round trying to find it by SatNav (but I guess most members know where it is anyway…). Sorry! And we’ll be there again next month.