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Jul 292015

I have a short (4 min) vid from Sunday’s  “damp, bracing” run out. Despite the wet conditions not being ideal for filming they didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm. Still an enjoyable day (at least for most – hope the fuel pump is sorted now Gordon). Thanks again to Rob and Tom for the set up and guidance.

Vid is posted at



Jul 222015

As many of you know, the Green Lane Association (or GLASS) is an organisation that works hard to help us continue to enjoy greenlaning.

In order for GLASS to continue to do this, it needs money. Some funding is raised through membership and some through other means, such as donations to the ‘GLASS Fighting Fund’.

I am particularly proud that (unlike other clubs) WE DO NOT CHARGE for any proportion of time and personal expenses incurred by running greenlaning trips for the club. It is free and as far as I’m concerned it always will be, I enjoy doing this.

Which leads me on to this question: Whilst we don’t charge for trips, should we be considering making a small donation to the ‘GLASS Fighting Fund’ each time we go out on a trip, say a couple of quid each?

Jul 122015

Hi all,

A trip is being planned for Sunday July 26th and as Tom’s work rota means he will be available on this date we shall be able to run two groups.

I am proposing that we meet around 10:00am at Win Green car park (Grid ref ST 922 204 on Explorer 118 map) and run down to Tollard Royal, Larmer Tree, Chettle, Milton Abbas, Milborne St Andrew, Moreton etc to Purbeck.

If the weather’s good the views will be fantastic and I’m looking forward to giving my new toy it’s inaugural run on club duties, yes the Shogun has gone! It will also give our esteemed magazine editor a long awaited day out on the lanes.

So, ten spaces in total and three are already gone, the list is below and all you need to do is copy and paste the list (having added your name) to your reply, simples!

See you soon, I’m really looking forward to this.



1) Rob Elliott

2) Tom Bayford

3) Andy Wilson