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Membership renewals

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Dec 052015

I have moved things around to hopefully simplify the joining process. There are now 2 drop down tabs from the join menu, 1 for renewals with its own Paypal button & 1 for New members with its own button.

Please let me know if there are any problems. Rog

4×4 Thieves Operating In Area.

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Oct 282015

This was posted earlier this evening by the North Dorset Safer Neighbourhood Team:

North Dorset Area:

If you are an owner of a 4 x 4 vehicle, please ensure it is locked and secured as well as it can be.

There are rumours that we may have persons in our area this evening targetting these vehicles, especially Land Rovers.
Officers are aware and will be patrolling.

Welcome to your new committee

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Oct 112015

Following on from the AGM on Friday we wanted to welcome the new committee members; Jayne Simmons as Social Secretary, ‘Rob Shadbolt as Company Secretary and Chris Ryan as Treasurer – thank you all very much for volunteering. Rog Pardy continues as Chairman, Rob Elliott as our Green Lane Officer, Jason Macdonald as competitive events officer and Nigel Moore as Vice Chairman. Michael Webster continues as general committee and I’m having a change and taken on the Membership and Shows Co-ordinator roles. We also welcome Graham G Matthews as our new Rights of Way officer and issue a big thanks to Polly Macdonald for all her efforts and Jim Welch for all he’s done for the club and green lane access over the last few years. We are extremely grateful to Andy Wilson who will continue as our Magazine Editor and PR officer. Wishing you all a fantastic, fun and muddy year ahead – look forward to working with you all, thanks Caz

Sep 302015

Rog, Caz and I have got our heads together and would like to build on the success of last years event by arranging another Halloween barbeque and night-laning trip in aid of charity.

Unsurprisingly the date for Halloween is the same as it was last year and will be on Saturday 31st October!

This club event will start at 5:30pm whereupon your first set of instructions for a treasure hunt will be issued, which will give you directions and OS map grid references to ensure that you drive on the correct lanes and are not trespassing, there will also be some questions for you to answer along the way to help you stay alert.
There may be a prize for the most correct answers, there may also be a prize for the most spookily decorated Land Rover or fancy dress of its occupants…

For those of you who are not confident enough to venture into the dark, spooky wastelands of Dorset I shall be also leading a small group of which there will be just 4 spaces available…..and no clues will be given for the treasure hunt questions either!
There is of course the option to ‘team up’ with another experienced greenlaner and drive the route in pairs/threes. (Teaming Up is your responsibility to organise).

After a couple of hours laning into the twilight, you will need to navigate to a relatively remote wooded location to find Rog and Caz, who will be eagerly anticipating your arrival to regale you with their culinary expertise in return for a fiver per person, the proceeds of which will be going to charity so please be generous in supporting a worthy cause!
At the BBQ you will also receive your second set of instructions to complete the treasure hunt and the nights entertainment.

Please ensure that you have the correct OS maps (Explorer OL15 and Explorer 117) in either paper format or installed on your electronic GPS device.
If you are reliant on paper maps it would also be a good idea to install the free version of OS Memory Map from the app store to your Android phone or IPhone, as this will enable you to view your position via GPS to check that it matches the grid references for each lane included on your instruction sheet.
I am very conscious that it would be very easy to make a mistake in the dark and therefore wish to ensure that, as a responsible Land Rover club, we do all that we can to ensure that nobody inadvertently trespasses on private land.

The lanes used will be suitable for most types of Land Rover, some minor paint scratches are inevitable and please also consider your impact on the sleeping local population when you are roaring around the countryside in the dark, whilst being chased by marauding hoardes of witches……on supercharged V8 broomsticks.

If you’d like to join in the fun, email me at

Please don’t forget to include your name and the total number of occupants in the vehicle in your email so we know how many persons need to be catered for food wise and also state if you want to ‘go it alone/team up’ or follow me around as part of a small group.

Details for the start point will be emailed to you nearer the time, other details for food etc. will be posted in due course.

Many thanks,




12 September vid

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Sep 182015

There is now a video of our Greenlane run across three counties on 12th Sept posted at

There are several scenes on SPTA where “mugpluggers” have wreaked some serious damage. Let’s hope the new initiative by the Police and Army can catch a few at it!