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Andy – is Dusty fixed?

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Aug 312014

Hi Andy,

Fom your last comments I assume that you have fixed your axle but a guy near me has just bought an S2 (or some of one) and would sell the front axle if you still need one. Message me or my contact details are on the Greenlane page if you are interested.


Graham Glover

Aug 242014

I am really sorry that I have had to do this but regrettably I have had to take the decision to cancel the treasure hunt on 31st August.

It is entirely down to me whereby I have massively oversubscribed myself with work and personal commitments and whilst I am able to ‘just do’ a greenlanes trip, the amount of preparation and additional time required for the treasure hunt on this occasion was a step too far.

I am happy to lead a greenlaning trip on the same day as an alternative if you wish (max five vehicles).

Please accept my apologies,





Aug 222014

I’ve updated the events page so please note the new date for the driving day at Matchams, which is now a week later.

This will mean that there is no longer a clash with S&W’s Mendip Challenge. This rtv is on Sunday 12th. So who’s up for that?

Aug 182014

A big thank you to all who set up and helped everything run smoothly on the day. Afraid I wasn’t running on all cylinders  – didn’t finish any sections and didn’t even start at least three! I have managed to salvage about four minutes of video from the chaos although some eejit fited my new camera mount upside down and blocked most uf the camera view (sorry) so the onboard shots are a bit restricted. Vid is on my YT channel at this link