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May 302014

Could someone help my analyse this  :

” B.7.      WHEELS.

B.7.1 Any brand / make of steel wheels are allowed but they must be of adequate strength, have a diameter matching that of factory fitted wheels for that model and have an offset between the outer flat of the nave plate and the external face of the bead area (not the outermost turned-out flange of the rim) of 4” / 102mm or less. Also any Land Rover produced / manufactured aluminium alloy wheels and matching wheel nuts may be used when suitable hubs for that wheel are fitted. (Implemented 1st January 2011)
B.7.2.   The use of wheel spacers is prohibited.
 (Regardless of rules P.56.6 and J.5.8.2 in the MSA Yearbook 2012)


This was taken directly from the ALRC.  The highlighted above is the problem I’ve got. My Solution change wheels.  Zero offsets is what i have been guided to look for . Near enough impossible to find , without huge costs.  I would like to know if i can put ZU wheels on ??

Thanks for reading



Data Protection forms

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May 272014

By now you should have received your club magazine and data protection opt in opt out form.  Please ensure you complete and return to me by post,  email or in person by mid July otherwise I will have to assume you do not wish to hear about our events other than by club magazine.  My email address I believe is wrong on the form,  it should be, apologies.

Hopefully we’ll see you at the club bbq this Friday,  remember its bring your own food but the bar will be open.

Cheers Caz



A great weekend of Land Rover activity

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May 272014

Series 2A on Bournemouth beach drag racing Discovery’s between the groynes and with Jim overhearing a member of the public saying ‘that old git goes well’. Great fun, but Jim wasn’t sure whether it was me or the Land Rover they were referring to!! The Wheels Festival is a good addition to the calender and well done to Bournemouth Borough Council for putting it on.

Matchams RTV. The series rubbish turning circle struck again but thanks to V8 Alex and his brother, a few adjustments were made. Turning slightly improved but the Land Rover then decided to roll up its inner wing on the tyre. Didn’t notice that one until I opened the bonnet at home. Nothing a hammer wont sort. Again, great day and thank to those who set it out.


May 272014

I had a rather frantic call from Tarina yesterday evening, Tom’s p38 had suffered total brake failure near my place, and could I help, I said yes of course.

When they crept into my driveway we topped up the fluid and pressed the pedal, one of the rear calipers was peeing fluid everywhere….one of the pads had totally disappeared…. I suspect due to sand literally grinding it away…..

So, if you were on the beach, PLEASE check all your brake pads!!!!!!