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Latest Statement From GLASS

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Feb 222014

Ok, so I shamelessly copied and pasted this from social media but it’s of interest and proves that we are definitely doing the right thing as a club by staying away from the lanes until it dries up. I have highlighted the points more relevant to us…..

“It’s been mentioned recently that we have been concentrating on the Peak District a lot and failing to mention other areas. When vehicular rights are being taken away from us, that needs special mention, and quite rightly, given that the PDNPA are planning to do it big time. If we don’t protect vehicular rights in one area then we give the green light to other counties to follow suit.

Which is why we have challenged Powys and are currently involved in an expensive court case (in conjunction with the TRF) to try and protect our vehicular rights.

It has also been suggested that we keep asking for money and membership… well, we can only fight legal cases with cash, and legal cases do not come cheap. The more members we have, the more legal battles we can fight, and in recent years this seems one of the few avenues left open to us. Ultimately, this benefits you, the user.

Ok, so what about some positive results, well in Wiltshire we have gained perhaps the first ever permissive byways in the country, which is an incredible achievement (post NERC) in co-operation with the MOD, but continued abuse of vehicular rights of way really does make further progress very difficult. There has been some brilliant work in other areas such as the Brechfa Forest and Ceredigion along with many other jobs that go unnoticed such as removing illegal obstructions like locked gates.

We, as users of ancient rights of way have to be sensible about how we treat our historic rights. And as we have seen with NERC, those rights can be taken away from us. At a time when we have seen the wettest winter ever recorded, serious thought needs to be taken over which routes you drive, especially seeing as the Deregulation Act is going thru parliament and the antis want to turn all Byways and UCRs into RBs. Think carefully about what you post in the public domain because were are in a very tricky situation. Sustainable lanes can be found with some thought and local knowledge, and as the article in this months LRO proves, can still be interesting.

If you want to continue to drive green lanes, then you need to support us, and that means financially.

And please let us know if there is info that people need to hear and react on, because we will publish it.

Finally, please let us know if there are problems that can be sorted (contact details are on our website). Weather erosion can often be blamed on us, and yet a days work with a few volunteers can make all the difference for all users. Remember we share our rights of way with other users, so think about them also – Green lanes are not a free ‘pay and play’ site.”

Feb 102014

Like some of you I am with the Wessex 4x4R group and I was in Muchelney last week helping the locals as best I could with transport. Wednesday was not too bad with the road from Thorney to Muchelney  about 500mm deep. I did this perhaps 30+ times in the day ferrying people, milk, bread, dogs etc between the villages. On Friday the water was up to nearer 600mm which is just below the door seal on my Defender 90 but with a snorkel I decided there would not be any catastrophic engine failure. Two small stories though:

1) One farmer I knew from Wednesday, and who has a Series 3, said he would not be in that much water. When  farmer says it is “too deep” it is time to get the hint.

2) I asked the fire service guys from Suffolk if they would recce a lane for me and their answer, after talking with their control, was:- “our Unimog is only good for 1m and that lane is likely to be deeper so we can’t go there. When a Unimog driver says it is “too deep” I definitely decided not to attempt it!


Feb 062014

As I’m on a couple of weeks sabbatical I went for a nose down on the coast yesterday and arrived at the West Bexington car park to discover that the UCR that runs from there to Abbotsbury looks to have also succumbed to the storm surge, somewhere underneath all that shingle and seawater is a track that many of us have enjoyed using over the years.

Given the extremely close proximity to the sea I’m not surprised but I am also betting that about halfway down towards Abbotsbury the track may have washed away entirely as it sits atop a very low ridge of very soft composition which has been steadily eroding over the years.

When conditions improve and that horrible rust inducing seawater has drained away would anyone like to join me in visiting the area to assess the track and any damage?

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