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Online booking now active.

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Jan 222014

The shows & rallies page is now active with online booking.

It’s under ‘Member pages’ which you’ll need to be logged in to see.

Jan 092014

Hi Andy, couldn’t work out how to add a response to your post, so its a new post. I think when I got mine I was running 6.50×16’s which were great for power slidding (power??) on tarmac, but hopless off road. I wanted something that filled the wheel arches so I went for General Grabber M/T’s, they’re 31×10.5r15’s, James is running the same. I picked them up second hand at old sodbury 13 years ago. As Rog says, sometimes I could do with something a little narrower that cuts in, but other times I find the width reduces ground pressure an helps out. I think 31×10.5r15 is probably the biggest you could fit without having to start cutting bits of body work off. They don’t seem to have made much difference to the gearing. Hope that helps, Rob

Jan 062014

Hi to all the leaf sprung drivers. Following my first RTV yesterday I feel I need more grip/larger mud terrain tyres. My Land Rover has 16″ Weller type steels so more of an offset than the standard wheel. Having looked at others yesterday many seem to be running 235/85 16″. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy

Jan 052014

Well I think we got off very lightly with the weather!

Although we had 20 drivers doing the 2 trials, I was a little disappointed with the turn out. It’s a lot of work for just 5 drivers on the tyro. Over 3 hours to set up doesn’t make it worth doing if it weren’t for the fact that you all seemed to enjoy it. I thought we had more interest?

there are no more tyros planned, certainly we don’t have any sites large enough to run one simultaneously with an rtv. This means it would have to be on a Saturday. Anyone want that?

I doubt caz will get the scores on tonight unless she wakes up ! I think it was the beef stew we’ve just had that has been bubbling in the slow cooker all day. Yummy, highly recommended.

Thank you all for a great day & see you next time.