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Some of you may have already heard this….

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Dec 192013

St Peter is on gate duty…
Mortal #1 steps up.
“What car did you drive on Earth?” asks SP
“Pajero” answers the mortal.
“Down to hell for you, fella-me-lad” says Pete
Mortal #2 comes forward
“What did you drive on Earth, then?” asks the big P
“A Landcruiser, Sir” replies the slightly worried dead’un
“Going down” chuckles Petie-Boy
The 3rd man, covered in oil with cuts to his hands steps gingerly forwards
“So,” asks St Peter “What sort of car did you drive?”
“Er, a Land Rover” comes the shaky reply
“Welcome to Heaven, my good man.” says Pete
The LR driver is slightly confused: “I thought I was in trouble there. What gives?”
St Peter smiled and said: “You’ve already been through Hell.

Dec 082013

Big thanks to all the guys that gave up their Sunday to come & do a bit of driver training at Matchams today.

I hope the trainees learnt something. Confidence was certainly better by the end of the day.

I only took a few pics of Teresa stuck!

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